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The Relationship Coach


Rori Raye is a woman who specializes in relationships. Her experience as a professional relationship coach and as a wife gives her the insight she needs to assist anyone with making their relationship better.

Through her new eBook, newsletter and programs, Rori Raye provides advice for women that want to make their relationship better in ways they never believed possible.

Relationship guru Rori Raye teaches women simple and effective techniques for communication, confidence, and connecting with men that she used to turn her own miserable, empty love life into the glorious, two-decades-long marriage she has now.

Her readers see her as best friend and fairy godmother, with a “we’re-in-this-together” attitude. She coaches them to boost their self esteem, express their needs and emotions to draw him closer, and connect with a man where it matters most… his heart.



The Product:


In  “Have The Relationship You Want ” eBook, you’ll get the basics of the whole Rori Raye program. Using this book alone, I’ve seen thousands of women save their failing relationships almost overnight. It’s a totally different way to look at who you are in a relationship and how to just BE with a man.


And it’s just jammed with powerful Tools – crucial psychological and spiritual concepts turned into fast, simple, easy-to-understand steps you can take that will bring him close, increase excitement and attraction, and create more time and energy for yourself (instead of zapping your time and energy trying to make your relationship work).


Every man around you will see you differently and suddenly feel compelled to be with you. Even if you’ve been with him for years, and he seems stuck in his ways … you will be able to turn your relationship around totally and finally enjoy the attention, affection and romance you want and deserve.


Here’s What You’ll Learn…


  • Some of the things the reader will learn while reading her book involve tapping into their “feminine energy,” giving any woman the ability to drive a man wild with love and commitment for them.
  • Readers will also learn the 5 keys to making and keeping a fantastic relationship. These keys can be looked at again and again to give the reader a stronger sense of empowerment in their relationship and in their life.
  • A list of words is provided in the eBook that should be used in any conversation with a man, giving the user a relaxed yet poised demeanor which will catch and keep the attention of every man.
  • Rori tells her readers exactly how to get a man to commit and the reasons that a man might want to leave a relationship. She also provides accurate and practical solutions to these reasons.
  • Along with the 5 keys to making an ordinary relationship into an outstanding relationship, “Have the Relationship You Want” gives the reader 4 rules that will completely eliminate many of the conflicts that occur between a man and a woman in a relationship.
  • The huge mistake that women are making in relationships also has light shed upon it, giving the reader the awareness and readiness she needs to make her relationships stronger and more beneficial to her.
  • Rori also teaches singles exactly how to lure men in and how to keep those men around. A woman who has read this book knows exactly how to turn that man, if he is a keeper, to the alter and into a lifelong partner.


“Have the Relationship You Want” explains to married women how to do the same thing to their husband. Her step-by-step instructions give a woman ways to make a husband feel more passionate about her and how to make a husband truly want to make his wife happy.


The book’s instructions point out the seemingly insignificant adjustments to a woman’s words, thoughts and body language that will lead her to the man of her dreams, who may very well be locked inside her current husband.


The knowledge gained from reading this book, if used as instructed, will lead to immediate relationship results.


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They will continue to help you, step-by-step. I know you’ll get tremendous value from this one.




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