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How many times have you wondered what you were doing wrong in a relationship?


Many women have spent countless nights lying awake in bed trying to figure out what is going wrong in their current relationship. It may start off with the exact amount of attention they desire coming from a man, but soon spirals into an uncontrollable mess.


Conversations have turned dry, dates are occurring less and less, the sex has become stale. It’s no wonder why low self-esteem is so common in women. They may feel responsible or think they may have caused it by something they did.


Some might believe it was something they said or how they dressed once. Others might believe that they have gained weight and it has put their potential love interest off. According to Rori Raye, those that believe any of this are wrong.


Rori Raye is an established relationship coach. She owns a private practice where she spends the majority of her time working with women that are having a tough time with love. After helping thousands of women find happiness, she now hopes to help a larger audience with her new eBook and acclaimed programs.


Raye and her husband have been married for 20 years and could not be happier. But it was not always like that. During the early years of their marriage, Raye was just as unhappy as she was in any of her past relationships.


Previously, she had attracted loser men on right after another that did not actually want her. She would spend more than a year in some of these relationships and when they would end, she would realize that she never had found that spark of love that she had been searching for within them.

During this time, Raye had little self-esteem. Because of this, she would take whatever relationship she could. It wasn’t until she met her husband that she realized that a man would be willing to give her more than the little she had received from her relationships in the past. Oddly, she had not realized it when she first met him; it took hard work for him to win her over.


After they were married, things went sour. Raye spent the first several years resenting their marriage, attempting to figure out what was going wrong. After countless sessions of couple’s therapy, she still felt angry and lost. Then, it clicked.


She realized what was happening to her marriage was her own doing: She was behaving in the same manner that she had in every one of her past relationships. Nothing had changed.


After her epiphany, she opened her mind to new possibilities. Raye found her inspiration that has led to her now-happy marriage in magazines and books that had nothing to do with romance. By altering what she said and did ever so slightly, she found that her marriage could be salvaged and restored to something bigger and better than it ever was.


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Listen to the Entire Program Online RIGHT NOW,  Risk-Free!


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